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With your help, we can ensure that kid's educational goals do not have to suffer due to a parent having a compensable workplace accident.

Prizes will be awarded to participants for various categories and achievements, including:

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Morgan Powers, Millikin University Major: Biochemistry

"The KCOI scholarship has allowed me to attend an excellent university to obtain a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. Not only this, but because of this scholarship, I will be attending the University of Illinois School of Medicine next year, which is my dream school. I will forever be grateful for this scholarship and all the help it has provided over the years."

Graduated Spring, 2020


Devan Arbay, University of Arizona

"Kids' Chance of Illinois made all of this possible. Without the assistance from the organization, I would not of had the opportunity to attend college and certainly not obtain my Associate's Degree. Kids' Chance provided such a financial relief and helped us recover from my Fathers career ending-work related injury. The effects of his accident changed our livelihood and sense of security. I will be forever grateful for what this organization has done for my family and me. It is inspiring to know this organization exists to assist families in such a tremendous way."

Graduating Spring, 2021


Abbigale Suprenant, Lindenwood University

"I am very blessed to be chosen as a recipient of the KCOI scholarship. I always dreamed of the day I would be able to attend college as I want to work in the medical field. I was inspired by my high school athletic trainer when he worked with me after I received a concussion in dance class. I was able to job shadow him this winter and got to experience what an athletic trainer does. He counseled me on which path to take and I have chosen athletic training/physical therapy. I missed being in dance classes and helping young dancers learn the art of dance so I have also chosen to minor in dance. This scholarship will allow me to achieve my dreams while lessening the burden of the expenses of college."

Graduating Spring, 2023


Denise Garza, Dominican University

"Hello, my name is Denise Garza, I am a junior at Dominican University in their education program. The Kids Chance Scholarship has helped my family and I a lot because my dad suffered a severe work accident. My dad was our main income source and hasn’t been able to work for about a year and a half now. This happened on my first year of college and I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be able to follow my dreams on becoming a teacher. Thankfully, my high school counselor reached out to me about this scholarship opportunity and I am forever grateful for this scholarship. This has guaranteed my stay at Dominican University."

Graduating Spring, 2022


Alex Calcagno, Loyola University Chicago

“Hello! My name is Alex Calcagno, and I am currently a junior at Loyola University Chicago, where I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. I have been incredibly fortunate to have received this scholarship, as it has allowed me to be a first-generation college student. This scholarship, as well as the support from Kids’ Chance of Illinois, has really boosted my academic confidence, as well as reduce the financial burden that college has placed on my family and on me. My hope is that after receiving my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, I will be able to apply to PA (physician assistant) school, where I dream of working in orthopedics. I am incredibly honored to have been chosen as a recipient of the KCOI scholarship, and I hope to make my family, myself, and KCOI proud of my academic achievements.”

Graduating Spring, 2022

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